Being Present, Being Aware, Being You

When I meditate, I am tuned with my self in an incredible manner. The world around me vanish gradually to let my mind takes this space and let freely my thoughts flow with no control, restriction.

My breathing is so calm, peaceful that I reach a state, a state where I  have the feeling to be in countryside walking in the grass or in front of the beach watching the sea acting in its own way everyday. You really do notice some tiny details which make you realise that life is precious, beautiful and love should be celebrated.

It’s not even 15 minutes to escape for my mind, to feel liberated and do whatever it want to do. And for me, being able to relax, to reach this peaceful flow where everything is quiet, where I can embrace the silence around me is invaluable.

We truly need these moments, small but important “me time” to regain our balance, increase our awareness and change our thinking process. With practice it becomes easier like a stroll in the park, sometimes it’s like being present in a emotional storm but ultimately the gift of meditation is to learn being present, being aware, being you.

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