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Sometimes you just need to receive a meaningful present

He offered me a gift. Simple but so meaningful. A present I miss receiving because it’s beautiful and so thoughtful. He means as well that he listened to me. He know that I had a great day, kick ass my projects at work and felt powerless of the sadness of my friends dealing with traumatic events and difficult decisions to make. He knows that I helped as much as I can, relentlessly. But sometimes, we have to let go of our strength and accept our emotions flow freely without fear or inhibitions. Being opened to show our vulnerability to help others and support them. This is what I did today and the beautiful flowers that my man offered to me remind me that. When you are open to give, offer your presence for support, you never know when someone else will do the same for you. And he just did it. By this simple and beautiful gesture : buy me flowers to make me happy.

Credit featured picture : prettystuff.tumblr.com

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