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Princess Sophia, a pleasure to watch it even a thousand times !

From all the children series, my daughter chose Princess Sophia as a model and I am not going to complain. She didn’t reach the point to believe she’s a princess but she is happily dancing and watching the different episodes with the same joy. I try as much as I can to change them  for my sake and my sanity but sometimes it’s a bit tricky !

I have to say from my time we had Club Dorothy with les Chevaliers du Zodiaque,  Princesse Sarah, Nicky Larsson, Jeanne et Serge. And until now, I am happy to watch again Nicky Larsson. However Princess Sophia, I am not sure my daughter will be keen to watch it in a few years !

However, more I am watching Princess Sophia with my bundle of joy, more I have to recognise that the team behind this Walt Disney series is talented and created a beautiful series. Sophia, freshly new princess receives a gift from her father a medallion which appear to be magic. For each good act she will do,  Sophia will get a power. When she needs some help,  her medallion will call a princess to help her. Magic, courage and kindness combined with entertaining songs (Walt Disney is pretty food for that !) make this series a pleasure to watch, even tough thousands of times !

Of course I know the songs by heart ! Most importantly, this series convey the values and principles that I want for my child to adopt: kindness, sharing, perseverance and effort. More than ever, these values need to be highlighted and adopted by our children to be the best version of themselves.

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