Urgency, stress, anger, pressure ? Use the Power of Your Mind to stay in control

This is it ! a bloody urgent email from an incompetent person pushing me to act asap and I can feel my temper rising to the top ! Not only my anger is triggered by the lack of professionalism of this contact but also my stress is rising high up to the sky because I feel now pressurized when I shouldn’t be put in such situation ! And you know what ? I just want to stuff my mouth with a big, tasty, and fatty burger to fill this need, this gap created by my stress and my anger… just because of one email and one person…Unbelievable !

But this time, I am aware of my changing mood and, even upset I don’t want to jeopardize my good work of eating well because of this individual. So, interestingly my stress triggered my hunger, my dear hormone leptin is happy to jump in the wagon to help me, the problem is, I do not want to. And this is where, by myself I am taking long and deep breaths to regain control of the fierce, furry storm happening right now in my head.

It start to be better, just by writing about it and to realise that what happened is not the end of the world. It is once again urgency and incompetency mixed together but this is where it is vital to realise that we can, yes, be infuriated but also being able to calm down quickly and move on to work on our priorities. Its is a brilliant example of the Power of Our Mind and our ability to change our mindset by small tweaks to focus only on the positive and our goals.

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