Being a parent is a hell of a ride !

She is making tantrums I would never imagine. She has strength, willpower and perseverance and she know what she wants. She is currently testing our boundaries constantly and it’s unbelievable but normal because all parents went through this stage. I am using diplomacy, tons of explanation, my nice and calm voice to make her understand that there are some things she won’t get or won’t do. Oh, I know that my bundle of joy understand everything I am saying to her, oh yes, it doesn’t mean that she would not try to test my patience. I have to say, the pack Patience for the Headspace app is invaluable for this particular stage.

Despite these new challenges part of parenting, I saw also my daughter being more confident, gritty and happy…  exploring, being more curious, more in harmony with the world around her. She is a real firecracker when she starts but also so adorable, gorgeous and affectionate that sometimes it’s difficult to play the firm parent. Sometimes I just want to give her a cuddle and let it go. But, I keep in mind that it is for her best and always reassure her that Mummy will always love her whatever the next game she will invent !

I prefer to see her happy , curious and noisy than being quiet, wise and shy. So, with this in mind, let me convince her that it’s time to brush her hair now… it’s going to be a hell of a ride !

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