The Happiness Planner : An asset for self growth and empowerment

I waited sufficiently to let you know my thoughts about the Happiness Planner. Why ? because I wanted to use it firstly to verify if indeed it will make a difference to my life, my thoughts and my mindset. I have been intrigued and seduced by the beauty and esthetism of the planner, I am not going to lie about it. The work behind the design of it has been truly remarkable and convince me even more to offer me this beautiful and meaningful planner.

In short, while using The Happiness Planner, you’ll be encouraged to;

– Set goals & dreams that align with who you truly are; that will give meaning to your life.
– Write down goals that you want to achieve and the action plans you will take.
– Integrate more of what makes you happy into your daily life.
– Plan to make changes to the things that make you unhappy.
– Learn to see the positive in every situation.
– Learn to harness your own personal power, build mental strength, and adopt a growth mindset
– Start each day with a positive and exciting thought.
– End each day with gratitude
– Evaluate your energy and happiness level.
– Reflect on your week & month and the lessons learned.
– Set goals for improvement

I think above all the arguments to buy it, I really wanted to grasp more my time, make time for what is important and realise by being grateful of all the good things happening in my life. And it does really work. By taking time to write down my ideas, by reading everyday an inspiring quote to keep going, by seeing in writing what I achieved, what I learned, I had a better image of myself and I am feeling empowered. I know where I am and where I need to go. I am feeling more in control of  my life and more in line with my goals. I have to say, even tough I read the reviews before to buy it, I didn’t expect such amazing results just by buying a planner. My experience of it proved once again that writing down what we wish has a transformative power on our mindset. I feel motivated, committed and convinced that I can make my dreams come true…honestly it is like feeling a million bucks daily and this feeling is A-MA-ZING !

Most importantly  it will help you to increase your awareness, your positivity and ultimately change your mindset to be closer to your goals, in a nutshell everything we need to enjoy our life !! And my dear French readers, this planner would be available in French soon. I am sure that you will love this Planner as much as I love it now. I am seriously thinking to buy some of their notepads now !

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