Mois: mars 2017

The mysteries of body language and presence with Amy Cuddy

Everyday, we are more aware of the connection between the mind and the body. I am actually reading a book which illustrates perfectly this marvellous connection and what we can learn about it. I am learning that our gestures, our posture are a direct impact on our emotions and our feelings. And it is truly a revelation, to realise that your posture may inhibit or encourage yourself to participate more in classes, meetings, stand for yourself or speak in front of thousands of people. I heard previously the term body language and I wondered for a long time what is really the meaning behind it. Is it exact that our body speak a language that everyone can understand without us being aware ? Yes and no. Yes, because even unconsciously our body convey our real feelings, emotions faced to various circumstances. No, because with ongoing learning, each of us can identify and modify our posture to fit with our intentions. Where it could seem complicated aft first to modify our body language, it is in …

Beyoncé – Hold Up

Revenge, strength, jealous or crazy, put things to their place, put something in order : isn’t it liberating, exciting, freeing yourself from people for good ? This is what this video makes me think about, being beautiful in our craziness, let out our emotions flow and fully embrace it. Credit featured picture :