Are you struggling to eat well ? Let me change your mindset !

We know that we need to eat vegetables, leafy greens. We know that we need to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day. This is what has been advised to us for ages but are we paying attention to what we are eating ? Are we all eating healthy everyday, ensuring that we nourish our body as it should be ? I am not sure. Why ? Because firstly it’s taking time, organisation and willpower to eat healthy constantly. Unsurprisingly we are allowing ourselves a treat day or a treat meal to keep ourselves disciplined. But this is where is difficult : go back to the wagon of the green diet after having enjoyed a tasty and enormous big burger, for instance.

What stopped me to ruin all my good efforts to eat more green during the week is a Ted Talk. A Ted Talk I saw last week explaining to us how food can power up our brain, how a varied and colourful diet can make a difference to our health and life. It’s only when  we heard the experience of others that we truly grasp the urgency to look after ourselves by eating healthy. I absolutely love eating a vibrant, colourful meal in front of me, it’s like celebrating a rainbow in my plate, anticipating to eat this delicious food in front of me. But as I said previously, it’s difficult to keep at it, at least at first. But since I saw this Ted Talk, I am paying attention to eat mindfully and fill my plate with leafy greens and colourful food.

This small change lead to some results which exceeded my expectations. No sugar craving, no need to eat more than necessary, it’s like knowing why I eating in this manner regulates my intake of food to reach a state of balance and harmony. And it is just a small change, sign that we do not need to do big changes but sometimes just taking the time to learn more and change our habits. So, if you are struggling right now to eat well, take a look at the below Ted Talk and your mindset will definitely change.

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