The key ingredients to keep our sanity in this frenetic world

My day start to be hectic especially when I have to overcome good or bad news at light speed. Whatever the current state of the situation,  I am turning to the present to make a decision which will help me moving forward in a positive direction.

Easier said than done isn’it ? I  know I hear you guys, this is so difficult in practice to turn any setback to transform it into a positive learning. The problem is, if we’re not doing it, we’re going to have a serious breakdown. During these days, I have the impression to be a boat captain dealing with a violent storm! It’s only when I am taking a deep breath or close my eyes during a few seconds that I can feel the frenetic pace that I impose on myself. Why have we got this habit to deal with everything quickly as if we cannot wait to deal with something else ??

Lack of time is maybe the response to my question. Or as simple as it is, we have to much to do. Busyness is lethal for our emotional being to the long term. Seriously. I did it, juggling, multitasking and lost my focus. It took me time to regain it and feel myself again. So, when you feel ready to lose the control of the situation, just STOP. Yes, take a deep breath, look around yourself, go out to take a drink, a coffee just to get away of this craziness and trust me, you will see with clarity that everything will fall into place and that there is no need to run, run, rush , rush every DAMN DAY. Patience, focus and priority are the key ingredients to keep our sanity, not the contrary. And enjoy life to the fullest.

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