The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong

When I  listened to this Ted Talk, I was more in the mood to discover something original, interesting and innovative. After all, we expect more or less to be blown away by something genius or bloody awesome. This time, this video took me by surprise…because you do not expect this story, these life changing moments so intimate shared by the speaker. And her raw honesty stopped me in my tracks, in my thoughts to even stop walking and realised that a part of her story resonated in me. It wasn’t a light bulb moment but a crashing, meaningful realisation that my thoughts, my mind can obscure my vision of life and others just by bad habits to overanalyse the past and worry about the future.

My practice of meditation is my anchor being in the moment and fully appreciate what I have in my life. To help me reach a peace of mind by letting go or stand up. To be aware and present. But, mental bad habits…hum this is another story. And before to delve into explanation later, please watch this video because her message is deeply inspiring.

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