Sculpt and tone your body with Tracy Anderson !

I subscribed to her streaming classes which are amazing. However, recently I took time to re-think about my fitness goals and what I wanted to get out of it. A healthy body ? Absolutely ! Lose some cellulite ? Of course !! but most importantly I want to have a strong, toned and confident body I can rely on to, because I want that my body be a reflection of my mindset and attitude to life.

So with this in mind, I decided firstly to focus on myself, not to follow her streaming classes but to entirely focus on what I wanted to do. I heard about one of her brilliant dvds Precision Toning to tone and sculpt your body and I decided to go for it. I really want this time to tackle my body issues which can have an impact on my overall confidence.

Since being a mum, I think one of the area I want to see flat and toned is definitely my abs. Yes. I therefore chose to work on my abs everyday coupled with exercises for legs, butt or arms. And oh boy , it’s working !! I never been so sore and, crazy but true, I am happily sore because I can feel the effect of her exercises on my body everyday.  Being sore means it is working, full stop, no need to dwell on that. It means as well that taking arnica pills and enjoy a bath with magnesium salts is mandatory to pamper my ached muscles. But despite the soreness, this result pushed me even further to wake up and stay committed to do this workout.

And this is not the end of it. Because Tracy is not working my muscles in a traditional way, I know that she makes participate all my muscles at the same time even tough she focus on one area of my body to tone it. And this is true. I feel it constantly. Added to that, I am happy to dance for my cardio session…because dancing is part of my DNA. Either it is freestyle dancing, following a choreography or just dance for fun, I need to DANCE everyday. To ensure I can fit and stay committed to it, I am doing my workout like everything I like early morning. It’s blissful, calm and my “me time” before to start the day. When you start to be a working mum, you have the choice : either to sacrifice yourself or making time for yourself. I chose the second option because it is the most healthiest one and everyone will benefit from it. So, my dear readers, I will leave you to move my body right now with my favourite personal trainer : Tracy Anderson.

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