Empower yourself with Amy Cuddy

After another meeting in which I didn’t feel comfortable at work, I decided to find out about body language. It is as if people look at your body language more than what you are saying to know what you think. And I found it really unnerving. So, I went on YouTube and I searched for any TED Talks related to this subject…and I discovered some gems which absolutely blow my mind.

The first one which truly resonates with me is the TED Talk from Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and professor at Harvard Business School, because her message is authentic as well as deeply meaningful and she open herself to us and show that we are experiencing the same challenges, heartaches to overcome our fears and embrace our confidence. Her story and her scientific studies demonstrate the body mind connection and the power to unlock for all of us our greatness. It is revolutionary and life-changing and a strong message to empower ourselves.

Her book  is out now and I am actually reading it, will share my thoughts with you once I will finish it. In the meantime, I let you see her fantastic TED Talk. Enjoy !

Credit featured picture : flickr.com

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