Home Sweet Love by Ava Miles

This time, I decided to enjoy reading this book in peace. Yes in peace. No noise, screams and attention requesting my intervention. This time, I waited patiently to be in Eurostar on my way to Paris to enjoy the new book by Ava Miles “Home Sweet Love “.

And so far I am not disappointed at all.  To the contrary because I am taking my time to read it, I enjoy this story thoroughly during my “me time”. The story is brilliant because once again this is a beautiful illustration of the strength, vulnerability in each human being and our resilience to overcome setbacks or health issues. It is also a story highlighting the mind-body connection,  the power of healing and this is why I found this story more current than ever.

This connection is fundamental to know about ourselves and progress in self growth. We crucially need to be aware about it everyday to slow down and being in the moment. Sorry I digress but I am an advocate of the mind-body connection. Additionally this is a book which remind me that being at home, create a home for you and your loved ones is something essential in our daily life. We need to have an anchor where we can relax, cozy, being vulnerable and being loved. This is something alien to Chase Parker, famous entrepreneur focused on his career and who lost his home due to a fire in his childhood. Forced to rest due to a serious ski accident, will Chase be able to heal and accept his past to move on and find a new sweet home ?

I have to say, despite the emotional side of this story, I laughed outright many times in the train and meet the look of puzzled faces but I really didn’t give a damn! because it’s so funny , meaningful and romantic as well. It’s a sexy combination which makes this story so appealing. In a nutshell, if you want to escape and enter into the world of Dare Valley with Home Sweet Love, you will not regret it !

Credit featured picture : Ava Miles

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