Work out to push your boundaries, not just for the sake of it !

Doing your workout is not going through the motions, no it is a time where you give to your body the freedom it needs, this calling to move, wake up your muscles, feel them burn and change. Feeling your heart pumping, sweat dripping your forehead and a sense of exhilaration despite the effort, the pain and the pace you imposed on your body. Working out is a learning to push your physical and mental boundaries, it’s an effort to challenge yourself and ultimately change yourself daily. You have to be consistent to hear, listen to your body, recognise the signs of tiredness or excitement. If we wish owning our body, owning our life, we need to create our flow for our desires/goals become reality. And this is where the challenge lies : to create your own routine, keep at it, no matter what but with a flexibility to do it in different ways. It’s really a clever mix of perseverance and innovation. Why innovation ? Because you need to think an alternative to replace for instance your workout when your time, your precious time is focused on urgent matters. This is where you have to think differently, think outside of the box and find a solution.

It is similar when an issue arises at work and you have to resolve it, no matter what is your knowledge and expertise. Life is a journey of challenges, ups and downs and if we really want to succeed, you need to put aside our ego and laziness and work relentlessly to feel empowered and be the best version of ourselves.

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