A bubble of self care with Pukka

Sometimes just taking the time to enjoy a Pukka tea, feel the warmth of the cup around my hands, smell the delicate smell of it, clever mix of lemon, ginger and manuka honey and I am slowly but surely getting my precious equilibrium to continue the day.

If you can enjoy this blissful break snuggled in your sofa with your favorite blanket, you have all the ingredients to make a delicious recipe which is Self care. Yes, self care after a busy weekend to recharge your batteries and finish the end of January in beauty ! Have a good day beauties.

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Home Sweet Love by Ava Miles

This time, I decided to enjoy reading this book in peace. Yes in peace. No noise, screams and attention requesting my intervention. This time, I waited patiently to be in Eurostar on my way to Paris to enjoy the new book by Ava Miles “Home Sweet Love “.

And so far I am not disappointed at all.  To the contrary because I am taking my time to read it, I enjoy this story thoroughly during my “me time”. The story is brilliant because once again this is a beautiful illustration of the strength, vulnerability in each human being and our resilience to overcome setbacks or health issues. It is also a story highlighting the mind-body connection,  the power of healing and this is why I found this story more current than ever.

This connection is fundamental to know about ourselves and progress in self growth. We crucially need to be aware about it everyday to slow down and being in the moment. Sorry I digress but I am an advocate of the mind-body connection. Additionally this is a book which remind me that being at home, create a home for you and your loved ones is something essential in our daily life. We need to have an anchor where we can relax, cozy, being vulnerable and being loved. This is something alien to Chase Parker, famous entrepreneur focused on his career and who lost his home due to a fire in his childhood. Forced to rest due to a serious ski accident, will Chase be able to heal and accept his past to move on and find a new sweet home ?

I have to say, despite the emotional side of this story, I laughed outright many times in the train and meet the look of puzzled faces but I really didn’t give a damn! because it’s so funny , meaningful and romantic as well. It’s a sexy combination which makes this story so appealing. In a nutshell, if you want to escape and enter into the world of Dare Valley with Home Sweet Love, you will not regret it !

Credit featured picture : Ava Miles

Anne Marie – Alarm

Love. Trust. Cheating. Second chance. And when your guts are telling that he’s doing it again. Alarm. Red alarm ringing in your head. This time, no tears, no cry just a good song who celebrate that women don’t stay around for the rerun. Enjoy !

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Be happy on your own

Yes I did it. I needed so much to have a break where I could relax, enjoy, being on my own without responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love enormously my daughter and my man but when you feel ready to lose the plot despite tons of patience, mental and physical strength, it’s time to do it. Think about yourself and made the decision to escape to rest fully and properly. Because as you may know between work, family life and other commitments, our ability as woman to juggle everything can lead us to being stressed, overtired and emotionally drained. Yes, unfortunately. So, today I left London on my own enjoying a nice and safe journey to see my family and friends in France.

I enjoyed being able to eat my breakfast in silence, relaxing by reading Red magazine. In a nutshell, I truly embraced the opportunity to be happy on my own. And it was blissful. Gone the guilt, being teary to leave my daughter because I really know that her daddy will fantastically look after her and she will have a great time between her nursery, soft play, swimming pool and trampoline sessions.

So to all of you ladies, mummies or not who balance the pro and cons prior to act impulsively, just do it. Take a leap of faith, listen to your heart and jump in the unknown because you know what ? You will always get back on your feet because you are strong, clever and gorgeous.

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Work out to push your boundaries, not just for the sake of it !

Doing your workout is not going through the motions, no it is a time where you give to your body the freedom it needs, this calling to move, wake up your muscles, feel them burn and change. Feeling your heart pumping, sweat dripping your forehead and a sense of exhilaration despite the effort, the pain and the pace you imposed on your body. Working out is a learning to push your physical and mental boundaries, it’s an effort to challenge yourself and ultimately change yourself daily. You have to be consistent to hear, listen to your body, recognise the signs of tiredness or excitement. If we wish owning our body, owning our life, we need to create our flow for our desires/goals become reality. And this is where the challenge lies : to create your own routine, keep at it, no matter what but with a flexibility to do it in different ways. It’s really a clever mix of perseverance and innovation. Why innovation ? Because you need to think an alternative to replace for instance your workout when your time, your precious time is focused on urgent matters. This is where you have to think differently, think outside of the box and find a solution.

It is similar when an issue arises at work and you have to resolve it, no matter what is your knowledge and expertise. Life is a journey of challenges, ups and downs and if we really want to succeed, you need to put aside our ego and laziness and work relentlessly to feel empowered and be the best version of ourselves.

What’s this obsession with Turmeric ? Let me delve into it !

Everywhere… I can see this spice added to latte, smoothie, meals by organic shops like Planet Organic, Whole Foods and others. But my main question is why and how Turmeric start to be elected as the key ingredient to add in our food. What is seriously the craze behind this spice ?

Called the queen of the spices and present generally in Asian cuisine, turmeric has been proven by scientific studies that this spice is giving serious results to fight diseases like cancer, depression, asthma or eczema. The secret behind this spice is one of its compounds giving it its beautiful golden color and called curcumin. Generally used in curries, chicken tikka masala, the real benefits of this gold powder lead to this craze for it. But despite that, I wasn’t entirely convinced to add turmeric to my latte, so I continued to find out about the health benefits of the queen of the spices.

It appears that plethora of scientific  studies revealed over the years that turmeric has an astronomical number of health benefits : anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, participating actively to skin health, controls diabetes, reduces cholesterol levels, an immunity booster, antiseptic, antibacterial preventing cancer, Alzheimer and liver disease. For instance, in regards to its quality to prevent diseases, Turmeric is acting like a cleaner slowing, stopping, removing the growth of cells leading to the emergence of skin cancer, prostrate or breast cancer, having the same effect for other diseases. This spice is incredibly powerful to purify our bodies of any cells, effects, damages created by stress, bad diet or by the frenetic pace of the world right now. It’s like having a lifesaver with you permanently to keep your head above the water and be able to live your life, aware that you are giving to your body the perfect ingredient to stay healthy.

With this in mind, you will understand that I strongly recommend you to include turmeric in your diet. Let me tell you today, I will illico presto go to an organic shop and buy it today, I am not going to wait to have this natural spice in my kitchen any  longer ! If a bit of gold in its powder form can make wonders to my body and health, I am happy to take part to this trend and change it as an habit !

Next time, let’s see how this incredible spice can be added in our diet !

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