2018 ? Are You Ready For It ?

Are you ready for it ? Today is the last day of December 2017. The day where you want to celebrate the upcoming New Year as well as think about what you experienced and learnt this year. Or let’s say what you want to change in your current lifestyle for more self awareness, discovery or personal growth ?

Firstly celebrate your successes this year, set  your intentions for 2018 and find your word(s).Yes, did you already think about your WORD(s) for 2018 ? Yes, the word or words you want to live into for 2018 ? I am going to find mine either by journaling or by using this free meditation Finish Strong, Start Stronger and exercise by Ziva meditation.

What I did, I had the opportunity to have a free reading of my birth chart with a fantastic Astrologer. My friends, having faith and determination is primordial, having the opportunity to know more about your future is an opportunity to do not miss. Because  if you trust yourself, particularly your intuition what you will ask would be a confirmation of your own feelings for 2018…and this is exactly what happened to me. If you can do it, do not hesitate, just do it.

Yes, we all agree 2017 has been a hell of a year for everyone, intense, challenging and shaking all of us big time. We all desire now for 2018 to be a year where we will claim our place in the world unapologetically and stay true to ourselves, where we can rise, shine and be the actor of our own life.

With this in mind let’s celebrate the end of an awakening 2017 to dive into 2018 full of promises, abundance and magic where our dreams will come true. I wish you all a fabulous and Happy New Year 2018 !!!!!


My Friends, It’s Not Only Your Thoughts Creating Your Reality, It’s Your STATE !

When you feel low, under the water, unexpectedly annoyed, going through the motions, trying to decipher why you have the impression to move in muddy waters, Hum hum… your ego is taking over the control of your mind. It’s, we can say it, sometimes debilitating or completely out of order when you work relentlessly to witness it and stop in his tracks. But, yes, there is a but, when your fear is holding you back, when you are worried to leave your happy zone to get more of it.

What does it mean ? As human beings, we have this inner drive to evolve, to have more, do more to feel completely fulfilled. It’s never ending unless you convince yourself or someone convinced you that there is no “more” in your life. This drive is the catalyst to push us further, the key ingredient to sustain our motivation, the grit for our dreams to come true.

It is when your ego, not happy about taking a risk will try to stop you in your tracks. Yes, we are wired to protect ourselves and the only way to get out of it is to learn about it and disempower our ego. Yes, this is where call your intuition for help is NOW. Because she will respond, she will help you and move you out of this box where your mind is trying to keep you.

Even more your dreams, your desires are the fuel for your spirit, for YOU to believe, to act and to trust the process no matter what. So, when you feel yourself confused, lost, call you intuition, meditate, pray, read the last book of Gabby Bernstein, use a breathing technique to shut up your mind and Sunshine, you will see the light, the joy to have overcome this battle with your ego, once again.

What is “funny” is that you can see, notice that something is wrong, that you are overanalysing the situation, balancing the pro and the cons , trying to reassure you that everything is fine when deep down you know that this weak argumentation is bollocks!

You are getting despite yourself on edge, got triggered by a comment from your mum in the phone, irritated by the lack of understanding of your hubby because your mum is pushing again your buttons now… … totally, quick to snap or respond with agressivity with no reason and because you feeding your initial annoyance with more infuriated energy, you are so upset that you don’t know how to decrease or stop the emotional storm you have created. Yes, my friends by your thoughts, feelings and state as Tony Robbins said it (your vibration, your frequency, your vibes) you’re vibrating so much anger that everyone around you is of the same vibe as yours. This is your curse and power. Power if you are aware about it. Curse if you are playing the victim and let yourself governed by your emotions.

At this point, what would you do ? Empower yourself or playing the victim ? You have the choice my dear friends and I am sure you will choose the good one !

May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein : Encouraging, Funky and Powerful !

“May Cause Miracles” : it is one of the books I have read daily and with a real pleasure. Why ? Because it is a self- discovery journey about you, your ego, your intuition and the relationship you have with your body, with money and others.

Yes, it’s look like an extensive program but the tone wise as well as funky and encouraging of Gabby truly motivate you to push further and to uncover your limiting beliefs, your illusions and beliefs. She is guiding you, holding your hand as well as letting yourself experience fully the discovery of your mind and deepest secrets.

She is a spiritual badass defining spirituality in her own terms and giving a refreshing, modern perspective of what is being spiritual nowadays. I learnt to embrace the power of Forgiveness which is bloody difficult (!) but with such a freedom effect and pure lightness that I dived into it fearlessly.

Until now I am still using some of the daily affirmations that truly shift my mindset and help me to change my perspective and be open to more miracles. Yes, a miracle in this book is having a shift in your mind resulting from what you are learning, witnessing and celebrating. If you want to know more about yourself and discover your spirituality, this book is definitely for you : encouraging, funky, meaningful and powerful, you won’t be disappointed at all if you are open-minded.

I truly recommend you to read, it is a must read to regain your balance. Honestly I cannot wait to read her new book ” Judgement Detox” out in January, we are spending too much time to judge instead of being focused on our goals. I will, of course tell you my thoughts about her new book very soon !

Have a great day beauties !


How Can You Empower Yourself With Kindness and Celebration ?

When time is given to us like now, reflect of what we achieved is the perfect time. Because we are in a state of relaxation, joy and kindness, go back in the past is a step you can do with more ease and focus. And it is most of time revealing of the huge work/ projects we completed this year. We are easy to judge ourselves and look for better but the secret is to celebrate any victory, success, failure because ultimately all these steps lead to ongoing learning and personal growth. And this is a subject close to my heart to embrace our uniqueness and empower ourselves.

Empower yourself is not only finding the products, methods or online courses which will undoubtedly open your perspective and change your understanding of you and the world, it is truly be open to learn in an unconventional way to challenge the status quo and put to light what is not working for you right now : judgements, preconceptions, media, society definitions of success, beauty, education in a nutshell brules as defined by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley.

It is also, learning from your life journey, failures, comic situations, achievements or circumstances getting you out of your comfort zone to truly experience and live.

So, take the time to enjoy your loved ones and reflect on the past 12 months to identify what you want to achieve in 2018.

Ask yourself : What do you desire the most ? Why is it so essential to have what you desire ?How can you achieve it? What’s stopping you ?

These questions will guide you to uncover your real desires, the purpose behind them and your inner limiting beliefs and/or roadblocks to give you the opportunity to blast them off. If you need more guidance to replace them by empowering beliefs, do not hesitate to contact me, as your cheerleader, I will be happy to empower you and help you transform your life in an authentic way. 2018 is the perfect time to dare, to rise and to shine.

Christmas : Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love

At last, the countdown can really start now. Christmas is at our fingertips and the feeling of it is pure joy. I think that experiencing moments of joy and celebration now is the antidote to overcome all the challenges of 2017.

Sure, we still have a few days after Christmas but we all know sooner than later 2018 will be pleased to make its entrance into our world.

So let’s go back to present. In a few hours, Christmas will be celebrated in many homes with excitement, joy, kindness. Time to truly chill out, rest and enjoy family and friends.

Time to just being in the moment, conscious of this wonderful time to truly be grateful for what we have and cherish these times. Yes, time for being fully present and spread a message of love around us.

As Gabby Bernstein said in her book “May Cause Miracles “, gratitude is the attitude and I would add that forgive people who hurt you is the perfect time to free yourself from this emotional baggage for GOOD.

I wish you all to spend a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. May this day bring you so much love, happiness and joy that we would like that this day never end.

A Time For Kindness, Respect And Love

It is particularly at this time that going to work is so easy. No crowded trains, no rush, half of the population in London left to spend Christmas with their loved ones. And for us, the non quitters having London for us is a breath of fresh air, joy  to enjoy London half empty. Of course, I am not going to lie, it is the PERFECT time for Christmas shopping at the last minute.

At work, it’s quiet, slow, relaxed and sooo GOOD ! What is even more exciting is to have 4 days with the Bank holiday to relax, celebrate Christmas and spend time with family and friends.

It is at this time, from my point of view that managing to see a friend not seen for years is AMAZING ! Amazing to catch up, to reflect, celebrate in a cozy atmosphere with mulled wine and delicious sweets all our achievements, laugh from our failures and be proud of where we are, at this moment RIGHT NOW. My friends, it is a time for kindness, respect  and love.