Seeking Quality ? Authenticity ? Find your calling and become an entrepreneur !

We all noticed more than ever that we are living in a fast paced, frenetic world. Sometimes, we feel at the top of our game, sometimes we are bloody struggling to finish the day with the astronomical deadlines and things we need to do in one day. Since then, emerged a movement to counteract the disastrous effects of the pace imposed by our society : insane productivity. Yes, a movement created by people like us burn out, depressed or as simple as it is sick as hell and fighting to find a sense to their life. These persons are showing us everyday that you can set up your own pace if you want to by perseverance, hard work and passion. This is the era of a growing surge of entrepreneurs, determined to create their happiness on their own terms.

More I am waking up everyday to write on my blog, more I am determined to continue each day. Why ? Because I love being able to express my feelings, explore new ideas, discover quality products/services able to empower us and making a real difference to our life. It’s time to take the lead, being the actor of our life and reject this attitude of victimisation used by so many of us to justify your unhappiness.

It never occurred to me until now that, maybe, surely being an entrepreneur is the solution to bring quality, authenticity to our life because we all have to admit is hard core. Hard core to be challenged everyday, to be relentless, perseverant isn’t it ? But this is LIFE. A life this time for which you will have more power because you will be the one each day to change it, passionately, actively and relentlessly… and if you are like me up for challenges, learning everyday and meeting along your journey new people, then you find your calling : Do what you are loving and become an entrepreneur. Slowly, strategically but surely. Every day, we are what we repeatedly do. Work passionately to be what you want to be. Quality ? Authenticity ? For a better life ? Oh yes, we all can do it !

Credit featured picture : Harper’s Bazaar

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