Be kind with yourself to be kind with others

Christmas is the time for family reunion, big gathering and seeing, spending time with our loved ones. Because of that, we are more inclined to be kind and compassionate with others. I really think this is not an attitude we should have only in December but instead everyday and first of all with ourselves.

What does it mean ? It means stop being critical, judgmental, unkind and polluted with negative thoughts only created by you. Yes, sad but true, we are the first one to give power to this critical inner voice to demolish our self-esteem and confidence.

How to stop it ? Learn by practicing through meditation,  mindfulness recognise this little voice, step back from what it’s saying and decide in this moment to disregard, ignore it. This is where, right now that you let it go that you will create a space for kindness and acceptance. More you will do it, more you will empower yourself by being kind with yourself. More you will be kinder with yourself, more you will be kind with others. Kindness is a virtuous circle.

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