Me time : the perfect ingredient to come back relaxed !

I have to admit it, when your own daughter is pushing you to relax with her in your bed or in your sofa, this is a fuxxxng wake up call that it’s time to relax. This level of exhaustion has been crescendo since the last few weeks for various reasons and my willpower to stay in control (of course of what I can!). I,  for the first time not rushing to go back in France for Christmas, instead of doing it, I will, this time, enjoy Christmas here at London with my loved ones…because we need to have this time for rest, restoration and coziness at home.

So today is my « me time day ». Being alone, free to do what I would like to do, it is liberating but a bit weird. Why ? Because left alone, it took some time to figure out what I wanted to do. Go to the cinema? Do some shopping? Enjoy a apple and pear crumble at Le Pain Quotidien or as simple as it is, be adventurous, prepare my bag and go where I want with no plans at all?!?  And yes, this is really what I did. I enjoyed a nice meal at Las Iguanas at Bankside and I am drafting my next articles at Le Pain Quotidien at Covent Garden right now with a matcha tea latte next to me. Christmas is around us, really close in fact and I am taking all my time for my Christmas presents. Today is no rush, stress, crazy day, I am not in charge and it’s good to let another captain take charge during my absence. As a mum, it’s not easy to do but taking time for ourselves is the perfect ingredient to come back rejuvenated, relaxed and easygoing.

Credit featured picture : beyourselfbyjolia

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