Beau Taplin : his writing is pure beauty !

The first time I read his words, they just resonated in me, managing to get through my inner barriers and touching my heart. Either his words are melting chocolate for my mouth or beautiful, meaningful music to my ears.

At first, I thought that this talented person was not part of this world anymore when I realised my mistake by finding his profile on Instagram  and spending hours to read his poems, words, nice blend of meaning, emotion and so powerfully combined that my heart, all the time thrills by reading it. He creates a symphony of words, gentle music to my ears, giving me the ability to escape from routine to listen to my heart and acknowledge my deep hidden feelings. His writing is pure beauty.

If you are seeking a meaningful present for someone attentive, sensitive to words and delicate, his new book Bloom will exceed his/her expectations and will bring a genuine and happy smile to their face. This book is also on my Christmas list, after all it’s never too late to prepae one !

A extract of one of his poem, see below, enjoy !



Credit featured picture :


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