Fitness Balance : A question of choice

Doing my workout is not a chore. It is a time to look after myself, focus and build this connection between my mind and body. It is in another way to love my body, love myself everyday.

However I can’t help to notice that is truly important to find a balance between doing a workout you like and punish your body. It can be really easy to follow the craziness of the fitness industry and instead of loving your body, you will seek perfection through fitness. And this is seriously dangerous. Obsession, strict diet or regimen won’t lead you anywhere where you should be in peace with yourself.

Stop caring about what people think. Stop listening to your negative thoughts and negative people. Push them away from your life. I have, of course, body insecurities like everyone,  I  would like to be more this, to be more that but I know that it’s crucial to find a balance, to listen to me before doing something about it. My insecurities won’t vanish like water in the desert of Gobi and I am well aware of that and prefer this way. I prefer to have the time to commit, to make an effort daily to make progress, improve everyday and  design my body the way I want to be to my pace. This is ultimately again a question of choice, a balance between consistency, indulgence and perseverance. Easier said than done but the beauty of it is we have all our life to find it.

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