A United Kingdom

Imagine yourself in the late 40s, a working British woman falling in love with an African prince. When your love is called back in his country to become King, what will you do ? Will you follow him, giving up your previous life and listening to your heart and your intuition ? This is what Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) will do and prove that her love for her husband is above race and politics, assumptions and judgements.

This film is a beautiful and real fairy tale which convey the principles of freedom, independence, willpower, love. And this is why I want to see it. Because this film is a fantastic reminder that individuality , love and willpower are our key assets to fight and live our life the way we want it to be. As an individual, we need to empower ourselves and reject narrow-minded people and surround ourselves with positive, energetic people who have the same hunger for life, challenges, love and authenticity.

Credit featured picture : Imdb

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