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Soho bun of Gail’s, they are sooooo good, don’t miss them !

More I am going to Gail’s and more I am discovering delicious treats. This time, I gave a try to their Soho bun and oh my, I never, ever tasted a brioche bun with chocolate chip which literally makes me moan with pleasure so much. And this is pure truth. Even my daughter from her first try loves them and asks for more the first time she tried it. The same for her nanny. They are mouth-watering, tasty and creamy and when you are eating them , this is a close door to enter your bubble of happiness, your zen bubble to have a « me time ». And you all need it, more than ever right now. So if you can go to Gail’s, ask for them, they’re so gooood you cannot miss them !

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