Fight and bubbles of happiness

Tracy Anderson said : “it’s a real big fight to show up for our physical selves. ” I  will add to it being a woman is like being an Olympics athlete all your life.

For this reason, we need to create several bubbles of happiness, barometer to keep our focus , sanity , joie de vivre. All these bubbles will be efficient if you keep at building them everyday and this is where the challenge lies  : create boundaries to always have some time for yourself is damn hard. Because we have been educated to look after our loved ones, to sacrifice us for them, to do the best for them without telling us that first of all, we need to take care of ourselves as well.

I think it’s only now that emerges this sense of consciousness that we, women, ladies need to have some time for recharge our batteries, pamper,  indulge ourselves to come back stronger, rested and ready to fight. Fight for our family, our friends, our career, our dreams. Fight to achieve our dreams. Fighting to empower ourselves, think outside of the box and pursue our dreams relentlessly.

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