Showing up to love my body

I have a light bulb moment when Tracy Anderson said : ” it is a real big fight to show up for our physical  selves”. I  never realised until now what is my attitude to my body. It’s like I heard, read all these motivation quotes which resonates in me but never truly have this moment, when you pause, have a stop in your thoughts and realise that this is what I am living right now. Showing up for my body everyday is a battle recently. I  don’t know where my motivation, my fire, my kindle went but I am not consistent as I would be. I am not beating myself up, there is no point but my attitude makes me wonder what is the reason for me, not moving my body as I love it. Is it because I need to find my own pace, my own time and no trying to be on top of everything ?  Probably.

I also know that accountability is key for me to continue and change my mindset, that getting up early to move my body is just not a challenge, it’s a real lifestyle, of showing up for my body, to demonstrate love for it and give it its time to feel excited, challenged and energised. And more I will do so, more my body will be here to support me, love me in return. So each day I will not show up to lose weight, be more slimmer, fitter, stronger, I will show up to love my body. Meditation is loving my mind, working out is loving my body. Love attract love.

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