Balance : a clever and balancing act between news and wellbeing !

I think I found it. The magazine for Londoners that I can enjoy reading and take my time doing it. First of all, this magazine is informative and so positive, all the time seeking for information that will make a difference to our life and insightful. I realised with it that I had a broken sleep and needed to slow down or drink herbal teas to sleep like a baby. I think we are in a position where we can knowledgeable, after, to keep yourself updated, this is honestly another matter. So, I was glad to discover this little gem, read interesting interviews from Naomie Harris, David Gandy, Idris Elba giving us the opportunity to know them and realise that, these persons work really hard to be where they are. And I truly like this reminder.

But this is not the end of it. The articles are meaningful, pushing the reader to pause, to read positive stories , facts, to realise that London is a fantastic community of like minded people and that we all want to live well, enjoy our life in a more meaningful and peaceful manner. Learning more about us will improve our relationship with ourselves and with others. If you are comfortable in your own skin, people around you will feel it and feel comfortable around you. This is a domino effect and a simple but smart way to live in harmony with others.

Balance is a clever and balancing act between news and wellbeing. The November issue is out and I really recommend you to read it, dear Londoners, it’s truly a gem.

Credit featured picture : mobile twitter

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