Building a stable network for our children

More my baby is growing up and more I realise that building/having a stable network around her is primordial. Even tough we know that people come and go, it is essential to maintain as much as I can a stable network of friends, nanny or babysitters for our children. At first because my daughter look so confident, independent , you may think that if someone is going to leave, she will, of course, understand but ultimately she will go over it and accept it. Yes, she will because she has no choice but the key element is despite these changes, it is crucial to fight to preserve the same circle of people around her. She needs stability. Like all children. And it can he hard and this is where, as mums, we need to fight, to go beyond our comfort zone to protect the wellbeing and happiness of our children.

So that’s why when I had the opportunity to meet the daddy of my daughter’s best friend, I didn’t hesitate , didn’t shy away from this chance to speak to him, to introduce myself, take his phone number to arrange something for our daughters to play together. I grasped this opportunity and I took it because my daughter will go into a new nursery next week and won’t see her friend everyday as before (they are in the same nursery for the time being). Trust me, it look easy, simple but I think it becomes to be the norm when you want the best for your baby. I can’t wait to see the face of my daughter when she is going to see her, it will be so worth it !

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