Find your balance

It’s so easy to lose our balance, to be so focused on one subject that you have to prioritise it and deal with it. I went through an emotional rollercoaster from February to July. It is only mid July that everything exploded in my face and I have to pick up the pieces and learn from my mistakes. Oh boy I did it but I wasn’t the only one to be at fault and I ensured for this to be written where it should be.

I have to start again. Think about myself, what I wanted to do and more importantly find where I am, right now in my life. From this point, I came back stronger, smarter and wiser from it. I let go of what I couldn’t change and focus on what I can do to empower myself. Everyday. Because once I put my mind to do something, whatever the time I will do it, it’s called perseverance, consistency and willpower unless I am sick, injured, I will work relentlessly to achieve my goals. This is where it’s incredibly difficult to find a balance between hard work and take a break. Balancing things out is never easy, I think it’s truly a question of willpower, intuition and wisdom. You have to listen to your inner voice, your body, your mind, to know where you need to push or step back.

I prefer personally to work hard and bring quality to it instead of working hard and doing many mistakes along the way. But this is hard, ultimately you have to trust yourself and this is the greatest asset we all have but disregard it so often. You have to stop that. Quiet down the noise around you, take a deep breath and just listen to it, either give you some me time or meditate, you will hear it and more you will do, more you will be comfortable with it. Just do it, give yourself a break, a me time to reflect, listen and focus. To empower yourself. To find your balance.
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