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Healthy, stylish and beautiful : Yes with bkr !

I am completely addictive to it and I think I am not the only one. It is healthy, beautiful and so good for our environment. So what is Bkr ? This brand successfully created the must have beauty product that we all need… and what is it ? drinking water ladies as much as possible ! and this is seriously something that I am struggling with constantly despite I know I need it.

However, six key points convince me to buy this bottle.

  1. Using plastic bottles is like drinking plastic to the long term and this is not something I knew. I don’t like that at all…
  2. Drinking water is essential for the beauty of our skin and for our body. We need to drink water as much as possible to hydrate our skin and stay alert. Water means radiance, uniform and glowing skin. Drinking water means loving yourself by hydrating your body and skin regularly.
  3. Using glass bottle is the perfect antidote to preserve, protect our environment.
  4. The design of this glass bottle is truly remarkable. Handy, smart and practical, the materials used for this beauty are glass and silicone, BPA-free, phthalate free, small opening for no-spill spinning and perfect no-leak seal.
  5. Everything is in the style and it is so true. Clean-cut, smart and with a variety of beautiful colours, having this bottle is the perfect ingredient to make you even more beautiful. This product is presented like a quality piece, a fashionable creation, healthy for our body and skin.
  6. And the cherry on the cake, the colours, again are sooo pretty and they are creating different collections. I fell in love with the spiked pink bottle below !
bkr - The spiked collection

bkr – The spiked collection

Verdict : Having a small, handy and beautiful bottle in my bag motivate me everyday to drink more water. It’s like drinking a natural beauty product, after all it’s mineral water but it works because it’s healthy, stylish and beautiful, all the elements to create a best-seller product.

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3 commentaires

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