Kenzo and H&M collaboration : Bold, original and innovative !

I just have a look at the collection created by Kenzo for H&M. For the first time, I am learning about a new designer and the philosophy behind their style is something I can relate to. Their style is bold, daring which translates a youthful spirit and a playful mindset to show your personality with a skillful mix of textures and patterns which brings this collection to another level. Because I am an advocate for freedom, embrace your uniqueness and difference, I really like this collection in which you can feel  a modern and future vision mixed with the past.

Especially with the cold and the darkness of the winter upon us, having a piece of this remarkable collection would be great to inject some boldness and colour in your style or mine and will last forever, after all this is an investment because each piece boast a  high quality craftmanship. After, this is a matter either to go at H&M and ready to enter into a battle or more smartly just to order online to get what you like i.e. at 9am UK time today. You have the choice.

Have a great day everyone !

Credit featured picture : H&M

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