Starting over

Bloody hell, I have to start over ! Yes, due to a wisdom teeth surgery, my dentist has forbidden me to do any physical activity for a few days. Now, that this restriction comes to an end, I am really craving to do my workout, to sweat and to feel energised again. This short break showed me with clarity that I cannot leave without fitness. It’s not part of my DNA but part of my life and the key element to enjoy my life and remain focused on my goals.

You know what ? I love working on my body because I love the way it makes me feel, my mind and body are deeply connected, my focus is at the top and this is a breath of fresh air because I truly enjoy it. I know starting over will be tough, I am going to scream, swear, but I will continue until I will be happy to have pushed my boundaries every day to make progress. I am seeking progress and improvement, perfection is out of the window.

So, with this spirit, I am going with a little fear and a bucket of excitement and anticipation join my Tamily friends do the beginner workout and a bit of Tava of Tracy Anderson Method via streaming this morning. I, seriously cannot wait to move my body, my booty and of course having fun ! I am sooooooo craving for it !

Have a fantastic day !

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