A delicious escape : Hot chocolate !

This is it. Winter is upon us and it is so freaking cold ! And with that, just a craving for coziness, comfort and a nice cup of hot chocolate to start my day, in a nutshell, a hot beverage to wake up slowly and enjoy this delicious drink alone and escape from to do lists, calls and meetings that I need to deal with in a few hours. Have a good day beauties and try to start the day slowly but surely.

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A United Kingdom

Imagine yourself in the late 40s, a working British woman falling in love with an African prince. When your love is called back in his country to become King, what will you do ? Will you follow him, giving up your previous life and listening to your heart and your intuition ? This is what Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) will do and prove that her love for her husband is above race and politics, assumptions and judgements.

This film is a beautiful and real fairy tale which convey the principles of freedom, independence, willpower, love. And this is why I want to see it. Because this film is a fantastic reminder that individuality , love and willpower are our key assets to fight and live our life the way we want it to be. As an individual, we need to empower ourselves and reject narrow-minded people and surround ourselves with positive, energetic people who have the same hunger for life, challenges, love and authenticity.

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Grit – The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth

I am intrigued by this book because at the time where we will soon reflect on this year, I like to know that reaching my goals is part of a continuous work to be determined, perseverant and consistent. Added to that your passion and you have the ingredients to thrive despite all the roadblocks which will try to demotivate you. I like the idea to explore and identify the rationale behind our goals, to know what it is helping us to use most of our potential, unlock it and pursue with clarity our dreams.

This is a book I will read because it will guide me, once again to re-align my thoughts and reach my goals with time and grit. I will, of course, keep you in the loop to confirm whether this book help me to empower myself.

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Jess Glynne : Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

This song convey a message that we need to hear more than ever. In a few days, we will be in December which means that 2016 will be soon behind us… and with that a reflection on our dreams and goals. This time, don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t be disappointed with the bigger picture, just be grateful of what you have and believe in yourself to pursue your goals in 2017. Enjoy !

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Open your heart to your Love

After having experienced  a real rollercoaster in so many aspects of my life, I didn’t expect that this time, I will be challenged again, this time on an emotional level. We have to fight on so many levels that we can be lose sight of the most important one : Our love. Not in the sense that we are not paying attention to him but by the fact, that we focus so much on our baby that we do not realise that our man needs attention as well. It’s hard to be there for everyone : your man, family, friends and I truly think, as a woman we are trying our best. But especially between work, family matters, appointments, a fridge and washing machine broken, arrangements possibly for Christmas holiday, and be there to attend Parent meeting regularly, you can feel that something is not right but not necessarily resolve it immediately… because we are patient. We truly understand that nobody is perfect and we are all human, we are not robots.

It’s when I reached my boundaries that I say no. And this is also where I learned that saying no can be really hard. Because we know it’s going to create a reaction and we are looking for it. Because it’s time to speak up. It is where I was challenged, not to use my normal objective mindset (i.e. go straight to the point) and resolve the issue logically and move on from it. This time, it was deeper, dangerous in the sense I needed to open my heart and explain how I feel. Oh boy, as women, we are the master to communicate our feelings but at first , I just wanted to scream and let go of my anger, frustration, and ultimately disappointment. I did it in a certain manner because I cried, I needed to let go, I needed to express my emotions, I knew it was necessary. Vulnerability is not my forte but I learned that without it, there is no self-improvement to be stronger, wiser and happier. And me, being usually feisty, expecting to argue to prove I am right managed this time to just speak, explain, communicate in a calm manner because I wanted to understand. I wanted to know whether I missed something, whether my intuition was right… and boy, I was right, not feeling victorious at all but emotionally moved. I still am because it’s a wake up call to stay kind to each other, because we all react differently to go through difficult times.

As I previously said, vulnerability is not my forte but I learned by opening my heart, explain how I feel that I was able to re-connect with my hubby emotionally and this is something I will never forget. So, if you are engulfed in your emotional bubble, delve into your feelings to be able to communicate and open your heart to your Love.

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Lenny Kravitz : I belong to you

Craving to let my soul rest, believe and dream just by hearing this song, I was 15 years old when I fell in love with this song and this love never abate…because it’s Lenny Kravitz. Enjoy !

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Etre au chaud, de bons petits plats et du sport

Bien au chaud dans mon lit, je viens de finir ma méditation et j’ai envie de préparer de bons petits plats et desserts pour mes amours !  Quand l’hiver pointe le bout de son nez , j’aime rester au chaud et ravir les papilles de ceux autour de moi pour démarrer ma journée ! Mais avant, je vais faire mon workout et boire suffisamment d’eau avec ma nouvelle bouteille bkr, j’ai craqué sur une autre hier !  Et puis, vous pensez bien que je vais trouver un petit moment pour profiter des soldes du Black Friday quand même, installée bien au chaud dans mon lit, online !!

Bon weekend a tous !

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