Stylist Live 2016 : Absolutely brilliant !

I left in a hurry to attend Stylist Live and I was a bit stressed, to be honest, didn’t want to come late. Thankfully, I arrived in advance and managed to cool down. I have to say, I truly had such a great time to attend inspiring workshops, discovering new brands, shops and beautiful products. Everything has been gathered in the same place to have a good time, take your time and pamper yourself. I had a beauty consultation with Caroline Hirons, the beauty expert in UK. Yes, if you attended this workshop, it was me the black girl with a pink dress who has a beautiful skin (I didn’t say it, Caroline said it to me) and gave me some precious advice to protect my skin health. It was so nice to be able to ask questions to her and meet briefly the Beauty Director of Stylist.

Credit picture : BeyourselfbyJolia

After that, I enjoyed visiting, looking at the different  boutique pop-ups and discovering new brands that I fell in love for their originality, beauty and quality. I bought a beautiful necklace from Whistle + Bango, bought the book of Jo Malone signed by herself (wouhhhhhhh) that I can’t wait to read, spent some money on candles, Caudalie and Clarins products (their team were so genuinely nice) and delighted, enjoyed to the end of my beauty shopping spree a nice glass of prosecco. I also noticed the Editor of Stylist who is beautifully pregnant walking between the boutiques. In a nutshell, I met nice persons, forgot about my role as a mum and enjoyed every minute of Stylist Event, it was absolutely brilliant !

Additionally, the organisation improved significantly and by pre-booking my tickets, I had the opportunity to choose my seat for the workshops and be where I wanted to be. I strongly recommend you to attend the Stylist Event 2017 which  will be based in an even bigger location, Olympia London in November, this is definitely a festival of inspiration and pampering to do not miss !

Credit featured picture : BeyourselfbyJolia

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