Learning from others

Ironically we are learning from other people, people sometimes that we will love avoiding everyday. Persons who will test your ability to diffuse conflict, anger, irritation by either their lack of responsibility, manners or respect as simple as it is.

Persons who will try to distabilise you. Ironically these are the persons, challenging you, making visible your weak spots that will make you stronger, wiser and smarter. You will rise to the challenge, stand up for yourself where necessary and will find a way to deal with them.

I think, between us, we will be over the moon to do not live with these persons but the beauty of it, is to be able to and raise the bar to be beyond them, think outside of the box, think big and remain positive in all circumstances.

Thankfully,  let’s not forget that there are persons in this world which whom you will connect, will share your values, persons who will be your friends, your dear friends…who will support you, inspire you by their greed for life, optimism and joie de vivre. Exactly like you. Thank goodness for that !

Credit featured picture : erosnporn.tumblr.com

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