You should try it, you would not regret it : Ginger beer !

Never, ever I appreciated to drink a nice beer and trust me I tried. However, it’s only this summer that I discovered through my friends the ginger beer from Belvoir and my God I fell in love with this beverage.

I always like the smell of ginger but never thought to enjoy it as a drink. During this summer, I drank tons of this ginger beer that I found so tasty, refreshing and invigo rating. It was like a drug, everyday, I needed with the heat, to drink it fresh and ensure that I have a lot in stock for the next days. It’s like being lost in the desert, disoriented, close to lose your mind and ready to die when, suddenly, your hands met a metal bottle, the wetness of it and you managed to open this bottle despite your exhaustion and thirstiness. You open the mouth to drink it and you are in heaven, blissfully rested and lying on a luxurious sofa not far from the beach where this ginger beer, this luxurious beverage awaits for you. Pure, pure, pure bliss.

Oh you should try it, you would not regret it. No alcohol, no nasties…just a tasty and fresh beverage that you can savor slowly and preciously. I even, used to wait for my daughter to sleep before to drink it…because this ginger beer pushed me to enjoy the present, take time to do things and enjoy life everyday. You can find it at Waitrose or Pizza Express. Just give a try if you already like ginger beer, you won’t be disappointed.

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