The fountain of Infinite Wishes by Ava Miles 

Yep, she did it. Her last book “The fountain of Infinite Wishes ” is out now and I already started to read it.

I love so much this NYC bestselling author  because she is able to create meaningful and beautiful stories from beginning to end. This book, this time is about wishes, do you believe in wishes ? do you believe that your faith, your belief can help to see your dreams come true ? And how would you react if your father disappeared overnight and you dare this time to discover what’s happened ? To open the Pandora box without knowing the consequences of it ? This is what Shelby will face with the assistance of Mr Vander Montgomery, the private investigator she hired to discover where is her father. Do you think he will find Shelby’s father, would he be able to remain professional and help her ?

If you intrigued by this book like me, make yourself happy, buy this book, pamper yourself and escape in the Dare River series where mystery, romance and adventure will reinforce your belief in hope, love and faith. In a nutshell, everything to escape from our routine and have the pleasure to live this journey through Shelby.

Of course, once I finished to read it, I will write a review about it just for you!

Have a good day Beauties!

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