Finding a dream by Nora Roberts

Let me tell you something, I just finished this third book by Nora Roberts and I am so happy that every time, this, is an happy ending. I know it from the start but I love to see how the characters  struggle between their emotions, their inner voice, the impredictable circumstances and how they overcame them to find the truth. This book is again brilliant, picturing a strong and vulnerable woman Laura Templeton fighting daily to overcome a nasty divorce, doing two jobs and looking after her daughters. Even tough she is the socialite one in this series as well as from the wealthy  Templeton family, she is loyal,  humble and does not want to be a financial  burden for her family.

Above all of that, she feels alive, wanted and cherished when Mr Fury, best friend of her brother came along. How many women experienced this feeling, to come alive, wanted in the arms of one man and be the centre of his world ? To unlock your sexual boundaries and express your desire ? Maybe a few, maybe a lot. Maybe this man was dangerous, trouble just to look at him or devastatingly gorgeous that you couldn’t resist ? There is always a man like that, you know his name is trouble, big trouble but we are still attracted by him. This time it’s Laura who will experience it and will strengthen herself to make him part of her life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I recommend you to read it. Nora Roberts is still the best writer to escape from your routine and be lost in a captivating book.

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