Meditation : my anchor

As a working mum, juggling is one of my skills. But before to do so, it’s good to find the secret, the tool, in a nutshell your lifesaver when you are coming back from your holiday relaxed and rejuvenated and you have to face work, childcare, appointments, family matters and others. I, decided, to meditate again when I heard about the Headspace package Patience because in the bustle and hustle of London, patience is not my forte.

However, meditating by listening to Andy Puddicombe’s soothing and gentle voice helps me considerably to remain patient and calm in many situations either conflicting or not. Being able to do so everyday is a life-changing experience. Your awareness is acute, your focus is better and your ability to find new ideas or solutions increase. Sounds a bit too good to be true but this is it. It’s real, true that practising meditation consistently helps your brain to rewire and put you at ease with the environment around you. You are sending positive and calm vibes and people, consequently are receptive/responsive to that.

You are nourishing your inner calm and strength by learning how to meditate, how to reduce the chaos in your mind caused by the chaos of your life to reach a state of calm and serenity. I know it really sound unachievable when we are overloaded by information, responsibilities and expectations from others. However, I truly think that meditation is an efficient response to resolve a lot of our worries, concerns and various diseases.

With meditation, it’s like regaining your posture, your place in the world in an harmonious manner and be more compassionate with others. It’s like walking in the grass at sunrise and marvel at the wonders of the nature. It’s an open door to let your mind have a go, breathe again, relax or just be. I manage much more events or circumstances in a calm and quiet manner than previously and, I have to say, I am amazed by the result of this package Patience. I went back to it because learning patience to diffuse your daily impatience is permanent on a long term with consistency. It also increase your intuition i.e. to know when it’s time to set some boundaries and stand up for yourself. Meditation is my anchor and I am so glad mindfulness is part of my daily life. I strongly recommend you to give it a try, you would not be disappointed.

Credit featured picture : Esther Bayer

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