Love at first sight with Boden !

I literally fell in love with a pair of suede boots and a beautifully breton top with velvet. I didn’t even hesitate, I  knew it was love at first sight. Unsurprisingly, I am not the only woman in London loving Boden for their talent to create effortless and elegant pieces which will last for ages. Yes, I am not the only one which explains that because it’s sale craziness time at Boden, what I want is out of stock. I couldn’t believe it and was so disappointed by it. I couldn’t imagine to have another pair of boots, to look for a similar one, I wanted THIS pair of boots.

And I’ve got it. And let me tell you, this is frankly pure luck. I checked if this pair of boots was available on my mobile and bamm! I found it! I bought it straight away. Didn’t hesitate, just did it and I received a lovely email from Boden confirming that my beautiful pair of boots have been shipped. This is it, I am soooo excited, can’t wait to receive them !! In regards to the breton top, this is another matter, I will keep you in the loop. Take care and enjoy  your weekend!

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