Sultana muffins : So yummy !!

I slightly changed a recipe I know to make some sultana muffins… and the result is awesome. I mean when you see your daughter, your man eating them with pleasure and gourmandise, you know that you win the jackpot !

And when even you, you cannot resist to the temptation to give them a try and to take a second one, you know you did something good, very good ! Unsurprisingly, I prepared some of them this morning to have the pleasure to eat one with my tea,  seriously for a Monday, you need to start the day with a treat isn’t it? After all, it’s Monday, first day of the week where you have to start over from a lazy and rested weekend. So, I have no guilt at all to enjoy these muffins ! Have a good day ! And if you want the recipe, please let me know, I am happy to share it for you to enjoy these delicious sultana muffins !

Credit featured picture : beyourselfbyjolia

Spicy, creamy, yummy : Chai tea latte !

Just to dip my spoon in the creaminess of this beverage makes me dream and land in in a cushioned place of comfort, coziness and warmth. This is what I need to wake up gently and face what lies ahead.

Feeling the warmth of the cup against my hand and let the taste of this hot drink warm my body, my heart, my soul. All the noise vanish around me and I am in pure heaven because, because,  I enjoy being in the moment and savor this drink slowly, delicately.

This is how the Chai tea latte of Brew Wandsworth makes me feel, try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to win : a break, a me time, a bubble of happiness.


Beyoncé – Mine ft. Drake

Beyoncé and Drake : a surprising duo who created a song which the expression, the dance, the artistic work is brilliant in its simplicity. However you have this fighting pace which make evolve the song, which makes you think and go back to your senses, change the channel and focus on the important. An engaging pace, a meaningful one.

Credit featured picture : L’express Styles


Le plaisir de manger

C’est en me retrouvant limité pour manger que j’ai vraiment réalisé que j’aime manger. Manger, pour moi c’est prendre son temps, déguster, savourer ce que je décide de manger. Je n’aime pas manger à la va vite, j’aime apprécier chaque bouchée, la saveur, la finesse des plats devant moi.

Je suis une pure épicurienne et je l’assume totalement. Je considère que la vie est courte et manger est l’un des plaisirs que nous devons préserver. Bien sûr, nous devons trouver une mesure, un équilibre entre faim et gourmandise mais manger reste un plaisir accessible à tous.

Si vous avez la chance d’avoir un repas de roi devant vous, prenez votre temps, accompagnez-le d’un bon verre de vin et pro-fi-tez !!!