Keep the flame alive

A nice walk, a nice meal where you can take the time to enjoy your food, look at the person in front of you, listen to this person and noticed some little things. His broad shoulders, his grey eyes, his features which make you realise that the guy in front of you is handsome and this, this is pretty awesome. It has been for ages that I went to the restaurant with my man and this is too damn long. It occurs to me that it’s really essential to take care of your couple with some little touches like going to the restaurant, go to the cinema, do things together. All of us need some time with our loved ones and we shouldn’t be forget the importance of it.

I do remember that my manager used to tell me to look after my hubby, to have some quality time with him, to do not forget him when I came back from my maternity leave. I used to brush away this piece of advice because I was so intensely focused on my daughter, everything I wanted was her wellbeing and happiness and I was running like a chicken trying to juggle everything. But she was right. It is crucial to keep the flame alive, to carve out some quality time with your man, to feel a couple again. It is so good. So liberating to have this time together for a few hours. Take the time for it. It is already difficult to find the One, don’t lose him by lack of attention and love. Keep the flame alive.

Credit featured picture : whitney

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