Inspiring talk with Red Smart Women Week

wp-1474789998207.jpgNestled in a beautiful building, the Saturday morning talks and workshops centred around entrepreneurship  was the opportunity to learn how your idea can be transformed /translated into a global business and make it successful. Beyond the good advice and efficient tools from Fanny Moizant, founder of Vestiaire Collective, Charlie Cottrell, Head of editorial at We Are Social or Sarah Turner of Angel Academe , it is the passion that I feel from each woman sharing her experience and journey to be an entrepreneur that I really appreciated.

Ambition and perseverance are the key elements to make your vision reality and become part of your daily life. There is no success without sacrifice. You have to choose between work, family or social life and generally they have two priorities : work and family. When what you’re doing makes you jump from your bed happy and excited for the challenges we will overcome each day, then deep inside you know you find your happy place. Sometimes it will be a shitty day, good or a fantastic day but whatever the outcome, your passion for it will guide you through during this journey.

What’s really inspired me is the talk of Tara Smith, one of the industry’s leading hairstylists. She explained passionately which fundamentals need to be set up before to start your business and launch your own product line. She experienced the sheer rockiness to set up a business with the high and the lows and despite all of that, she persevered, continued to believe in her idea, to make her vision come true and raise from the ground her idea to become a business. I think, it’s critical to keep in mind that being an entrepreneur is incredibly hard. You will be challenged everyday, can lose all your money but you really need to have the determination, the willpower to keep your DNA, your idea and fight for it. She was undoubtedly from my point of view, the smart woman of the week.

wp-1474789952376.jpgI had also the pleasure to see a selection of the new Boden winter collection and I fell in love with a pair of blue velvet trainers to die for, heard good tips from the Red fashion editor to have the perfect capsule wardrobe for the famous and unpredictable British weather.

wp-1474789798147.jpgFinally I am more excited about the journey than the result of it because it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow and bring something valuable to people. I can’t wait to put in practice the guidance I received to become an entrepreneur.


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