Daring a Dream by Nora Roberts


When you are reading a book and so engrossed into it that you forget the time. That you have a strong connection with the main character because you understand her hunger for success or fame. Her need to be someone, to be different, to make a difference and to fuck up badly. Yes, shit happens. Everyday…and you need to pick up the pieces, raise and shine again on our own. It’s always good to have your friends that you consider your family to support you, no matter what’s happened because they know who you are and truly love you.

It’s spicy, daring and hot to meet a man matching your hunger for an exciting and adventurous life. To argue, tease and compete with someone who knows you by heart, it’s magical. The guy able to get on your nerves as well as being caring, understanding and making you laugh is the One but I never encountered two fictional characters who ignited in me so much emotion, reaction and action. I mean when you are flirting, playing and the man opposite to you is ready for this game and outsmart you, infuriating you, pushing your boundaries for your own good and gorgeous, this is hard to resist. But Margo Sullivan has all the beauty, power and heart to have what she dreamt. She needs like all of us to believe, fight and love.

I love every single page of this book. It had me hooked from start to finish, had me giggling, smiling and laughing out loud in my bed at 2am when I couldn’t sleep. This is a real page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed … a truly wonderfully crafted novel that I highly recommend for its amazing characters, plot and storytelling. A book inspiring you to dream and fight for it. 

Credit featured picture : Goodreads

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