Anti-Aging and Hormones happy with Dr Ana Casas

I just read a brilliant interview by Tracy Anderson of the Doctor Ana Casas specialised in Anti- Aging and Regenerative Medicine and I felt deeply inspired by it. This article deliver what you really want to understand about how to prevent body aging and a quick insight into the mysteries of our hormonal system. More I was reading and more I started to be either gobsmacked or really reassured to use Herbs of Provence which is a simple way to counteract the effects of skin aging.

I always wondered what are the effects of our hormonal system on our physical and health goals. It’s good to have the knowledge and therefore feel empowered because we understand the mechanism behind our hormonal system.  Did you know for instance that we have 20 hormones helping us for weight loss ? I can’t believe it, 20 hormones !

What I also appreciated is the confirmation that our ability to cultivate our joie de vivre, our happiness is key to have a healthy life. It is simple as it is and I always advocated this philosophy of life around me.This is a serious article talking about a subject affecting men and women and I recommend you to read it. It is life changing  and I am currently looking to buy the book by Ana Casas entitled ” Optimal Hormone Weight Loss System for Women and Optimal Hormone Weight Loss for Men : Strategies, Tools and Breakthroughs To Naturally Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones “. After all, knowledge is power.

Credit featured picture : Tracy Anderson Method

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