Total disconnection

I came back from my holiday and I successfully relaxed in France, in Brittany. Everyday I enjoyed good food, sunny weather and the beach with my daughter. In a small town at the seaside, nothing disrupted the pace of tranquillity of my well deserved holiday. Free of professional responsibilities, ready for a rejuvenation mentally and physically, I let go of my worries or concerns. I just enjoyed, being in the present without interruption.

With no Internet connection, it’s incredible how I truly enjoyed each day. It’s like being in a bubble of normal routine and live everyday intensely. Your mind is craving newness, authenticity and quality and you bring all these things to you by simply slowing down and be patient with yourself.

I didn’t need to do meditation  Why? because going to the beach, marvel at the beauty of the seaside was my meditation time. Open my heart and my mind to any, tiny detail raises my awareness and increase my joy de vivre and makes me feel grateful for these precious times. I truly connected with the nature in a more meaningful sense. I felt in symbiosis with the world around me, my shoulders relaxed and I slept like a baby.

A total disconnection for an alignment of my mind and body with the breathtaking view of my surroudings/environment, I really, really can’t wait to come back and be on holiday again.

Credit featured picture : c-oconutparadise.

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