A brunch…and everything is falling back into place 

It’s crazy how to meet your friends or a group of supportive women to realise everything which is out there. I mean we try each of us to follow the news, to know what’s going on in this world but frankly sometimes it’s too much.

We aspire at something more meaningful, authentic and worth to be listened to. Unsurprisingly we are following blogs which inspire us, motivate us to change our habits, to work on our inner self. But there is no best way to meet your girlfriends for brunch or dinner and share your views of the world because it’s so damn refreshing and reassuring that we all are struggling, fighting to get the best in our life.We are seeking the authenticity, the real deal, not fake gold.

We are smarter to analyse, balance the pro and cons, make our own research, check with our friends, in a nutshell take our time prior to make big and small decisions.And we really need to do it. Take our time.Double check. Think about your long term goals. Read, listen and act. A brunch with my friends, a glass of a refreshing prosecco in my hands and everything is falling back into place.

Credit featured picture : Playbuzz

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