Keep the flame alive

A nice walk, a nice meal where you can take the time to enjoy your food, look at the person in front of you, listen to this person and noticed some little things. His broad shoulders, his grey eyes, his features which make you realise that the guy in front of you is handsome and this, this is pretty awesome. It has been for ages that I went to the restaurant with my man and this is too damn long. It occurs to me that it’s really essential to take care of your couple with some little touches like going to the restaurant, go to the cinema, do things together. All of us need some time with our loved ones and we shouldn’t be forget the importance of it.

I do remember that my manager used to tell me to look after my hubby, to have some quality time with him, to do not forget him when I came back from my maternity leave. I used to brush away this piece of advice because I was so intensely focused on my daughter, everything I wanted was her wellbeing and happiness and I was running like a chicken trying to juggle everything. But she was right. It is crucial to keep the flame alive, to carve out some quality time with your man, to feel a couple again. It is so good. So liberating to have this time together for a few hours. Take the time for it. It is already difficult to find the One, don’t lose him by lack of attention and love. Keep the flame alive.

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Inspiring talk with Red Smart Women Week

wp-1474789998207.jpgNestled in a beautiful building, the Saturday morning talks and workshops centred around entrepreneurship  was the opportunity to learn how your idea can be transformed /translated into a global business and make it successful. Beyond the good advice and efficient tools from Fanny Moizant, founder of Vestiaire Collective, Charlie Cottrell, Head of editorial at We Are Social or Sarah Turner of Angel Academe , it is the passion that I feel from each woman sharing her experience and journey to be an entrepreneur that I really appreciated.

Ambition and perseverance are the key elements to make your vision reality and become part of your daily life. There is no success without sacrifice. You have to choose between work, family or social life and generally they have two priorities : work and family. When what you’re doing makes you jump from your bed happy and excited for the challenges we will overcome each day, then deep inside you know you find your happy place. Sometimes it will be a shitty day, good or a fantastic day but whatever the outcome, your passion for it will guide you through during this journey.

What’s really inspired me is the talk of Tara Smith, one of the industry’s leading hairstylists. She explained passionately which fundamentals need to be set up before to start your business and launch your own product line. She experienced the sheer rockiness to set up a business with the high and the lows and despite all of that, she persevered, continued to believe in her idea, to make her vision come true and raise from the ground her idea to become a business. I think, it’s critical to keep in mind that being an entrepreneur is incredibly hard. You will be challenged everyday, can lose all your money but you really need to have the determination, the willpower to keep your DNA, your idea and fight for it. She was undoubtedly from my point of view, the smart woman of the week.

wp-1474789952376.jpgI had also the pleasure to see a selection of the new Boden winter collection and I fell in love with a pair of blue velvet trainers to die for, heard good tips from the Red fashion editor to have the perfect capsule wardrobe for the famous and unpredictable British weather.

wp-1474789798147.jpgFinally I am more excited about the journey than the result of it because it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow and bring something valuable to people. I can’t wait to put in practice the guidance I received to become an entrepreneur.


Daring a Dream by Nora Roberts


When you are reading a book and so engrossed into it that you forget the time. That you have a strong connection with the main character because you understand her hunger for success or fame. Her need to be someone, to be different, to make a difference and to fuck up badly. Yes, shit happens. Everyday…and you need to pick up the pieces, raise and shine again on our own. It’s always good to have your friends that you consider your family to support you, no matter what’s happened because they know who you are and truly love you.

It’s spicy, daring and hot to meet a man matching your hunger for an exciting and adventurous life. To argue, tease and compete with someone who knows you by heart, it’s magical. The guy able to get on your nerves as well as being caring, understanding and making you laugh is the One but I never encountered two fictional characters who ignited in me so much emotion, reaction and action. I mean when you are flirting, playing and the man opposite to you is ready for this game and outsmart you, infuriating you, pushing your boundaries for your own good and gorgeous, this is hard to resist. But Margo Sullivan has all the beauty, power and heart to have what she dreamt. She needs like all of us to believe, fight and love.

I love every single page of this book. It had me hooked from start to finish, had me giggling, smiling and laughing out loud in my bed at 2am when I couldn’t sleep. This is a real page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed … a truly wonderfully crafted novel that I highly recommend for its amazing characters, plot and storytelling. A book inspiring you to dream and fight for it. 

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Anti-Aging and Hormones happy with Dr Ana Casas

I just read a brilliant interview by Tracy Anderson of the Doctor Ana Casas specialised in Anti- Aging and Regenerative Medicine and I felt deeply inspired by it. This article deliver what you really want to understand about how to prevent body aging and a quick insight into the mysteries of our hormonal system. More I was reading and more I started to be either gobsmacked or really reassured to use Herbs of Provence which is a simple way to counteract the effects of skin aging.

I always wondered what are the effects of our hormonal system on our physical and health goals. It’s good to have the knowledge and therefore feel empowered because we understand the mechanism behind our hormonal system.  Did you know for instance that we have 20 hormones helping us for weight loss ? I can’t believe it, 20 hormones !

What I also appreciated is the confirmation that our ability to cultivate our joie de vivre, our happiness is key to have a healthy life. It is simple as it is and I always advocated this philosophy of life around me.This is a serious article talking about a subject affecting men and women and I recommend you to read it. It is life changing  and I am currently looking to buy the book by Ana Casas entitled ” Optimal Hormone Weight Loss System for Women and Optimal Hormone Weight Loss for Men : Strategies, Tools and Breakthroughs To Naturally Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones “. After all, knowledge is power.

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Total disconnection

I came back from my holiday and I successfully relaxed in France, in Brittany. Everyday I enjoyed good food, sunny weather and the beach with my daughter. In a small town at the seaside, nothing disrupted the pace of tranquillity of my well deserved holiday. Free of professional responsibilities, ready for a rejuvenation mentally and physically, I let go of my worries or concerns. I just enjoyed, being in the present without interruption.

With no Internet connection, it’s incredible how I truly enjoyed each day. It’s like being in a bubble of normal routine and live everyday intensely. Your mind is craving newness, authenticity and quality and you bring all these things to you by simply slowing down and be patient with yourself.

I didn’t need to do meditation  Why? because going to the beach, marvel at the beauty of the seaside was my meditation time. Open my heart and my mind to any, tiny detail raises my awareness and increase my joy de vivre and makes me feel grateful for these precious times. I truly connected with the nature in a more meaningful sense. I felt in symbiosis with the world around me, my shoulders relaxed and I slept like a baby.

A total disconnection for an alignment of my mind and body with the breathtaking view of my surroudings/environment, I really, really can’t wait to come back and be on holiday again.

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A brunch…and everything is falling back into place 

It’s crazy how to meet your friends or a group of supportive women to realise everything which is out there. I mean we try each of us to follow the news, to know what’s going on in this world but frankly sometimes it’s too much.

We aspire at something more meaningful, authentic and worth to be listened to. Unsurprisingly we are following blogs which inspire us, motivate us to change our habits, to work on our inner self. But there is no best way to meet your girlfriends for brunch or dinner and share your views of the world because it’s so damn refreshing and reassuring that we all are struggling, fighting to get the best in our life.We are seeking the authenticity, the real deal, not fake gold.

We are smarter to analyse, balance the pro and cons, make our own research, check with our friends, in a nutshell take our time prior to make big and small decisions.And we really need to do it. Take our time.Double check. Think about your long term goals. Read, listen and act. A brunch with my friends, a glass of a refreshing prosecco in my hands and everything is falling back into place.

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