Bad Moms : a good reminder to have fun !

Just the name of this movie gives me the boost to smile and be proud to be a mum. The constant pressure that we have as women is horrendous. But when you are also a mum, everyone, particularly the society seems to think that we have to behave in a conventional, certain manner. Screw that. What we’re doing everyday is to love, cherish and educate our babies to be what they want to be, to be confident, polite, smart and beautiful inside and out. This is a hard and permanent job that we love. It would be much more easier if nobody didn’t give a damn about us but this is not the case. So, with all this pressure you will understand that seeing a movie entitled ” Bad Moms” is more than enticing. To mix bad with moms is already daring and indicator of a good comedy.

We need as women, more than ever to have some “me time”or a good break to recharge our batteries. I didn’t have one this year but I need to organise one, not as wild and messy like Amy in “Bad Moms” but I need where I can let my hair down, be carefree and have a great time with my girlfriends.

We are expert at juggling different matters, multitasking in our professional and private lives and stay tuned with our family. But a break gives us the opportunity to be grateful for what we have, pamper ourselves and come back even more stronger, smart and beautiful than before. So, if you hesitate, maybe just a tiny bit to leave your loved ones for some well deserved break with your friends, throw away this layer of guiltiness and have fun !!! This is, after all your time ! Make the most of it !!

Credit featured picture : Films Trailer

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