Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts

92% and I don’t dare to continue my reading. Why? Because I just realised that the third book of this trilogy will be released only in … December!!!!! Bloody hell, I love this story so much that I couldn’t bear to read it and wait so I stopped, to tell you how I love this fiction… despite the fact that I am scared for the characters, wants to know how would be the end, I will resist to the temptation. I even thought to read this book from the start.

I am totally in love with this book, if you want an adventure with magic, suspense, excitement, battles, pain and love you will be served and beyond your expectations because it so beautifully written and with a lot of humour, oh myyy Nora Roberts is so talented that she really blows my mind ! I wish I could write like her, create beautiful stories which attract my readers and make them feel so excited and amazed. What will you do if you are haunted by vivid dreams translating them into beautiful paintings and torn between your logic and your intuition ? Will you dare like Sasha to listen her gut feelings and follow what her dreams are telling her? Will you do it ? Open a door to embrace your destiny ? If you don’t, read this book and maybe you will dare next time to do something you’re afraid to do… you never know.

I read in three days the first book ” Stars of Fortune ” and I was gobsmacked so many times and amazed that I couldn’t wait to read the second book ” Bay of Sighs”. I am so tempted to read and know the end. Do you think I will be able to wait? to know the end of this book ? I don’t know !! Ohhh god…

If you want an action packed fiction which will blow your mind and makes you feel, dream, laugh and cry, this book is to be in your bag for your holiday, even to escape your routine it’s brilliant ! First time that I dare reading a fantastic story by Nora Roberts and I LOVE it ! Go and read it, you really will be amazed !!

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