Chocolate girl

Avanti Press
Avanti Press

I am trying by any means for my bundle of joy to eat green. Yes, green i.e. vegetables full of goodness. I can tell you right now, I am using my skills of negotiator and a bunch of ingenuity everyday to find new ways to convince her. Mixed, pureed I tried everything. Sometimes it’s a success and I am beaming with pride and sometimes it’s a deadly failure and I want to bang my head against the wall… and trust me, she know exactly what she wants. I don’t know what she ate at the nursery but since then, she is carrying a thorough examination of her plate before to eat constantly. It’s crazy but so funny ! even with her legendary carbs. Pasta, pasta, pasta, she can eat that daily with tomato sauce and meat. For her, lasagna, spaghetti bolognese is the heaven on earth. If she can have some chocolate cookies, fruits or even a slice of chocolate pie it’s pure bliss. Like her daddy, she discovered chocolate and she loves it. Already at 3 years old… and I cannot blame her, chocolate is our treat to chill, relax and have some “me time”, so now, when I am buying some delicious chocolate for my hubby and me , I  bought some for our daughter as well.

So small and so bossy, you won’t believe it ! but I prefer this way, women need to be confident with a winning mindset and attitude. I consider my job to push my daughter to be the best she can be and to become what she want to be, a fearless and confident woman, not afraid to speak her mind and beautiful inside and out. Yes, my girl loves chocolate and she is sooo right !!!

Credit feature picture : Bloglovin

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